Mindfulness.com meets MrsMindfulness.com

The thoughts they had were
the parents of the actions they did;
their feelings were parents of their thoughts
Thomas Carlyle

My daughters were raised with these words indelibly imprinted on the back of their eyelids: If you want to know the future create it.

And that what Melli and her partner, Matt Dickson, are creating.

The transition of Mindfulness.com over to the work that they are doing to spread Mindfulness to the world is a small step.  They will continue to keep on giving for those who will learn that being mindful is a way of living life fully and sharing it with generations to come.

I look forward to being part of their support team in creating that future.

The Little Prince said it well:  It is with the heart that one see rightly. For what is essential is invisible to the eye.

For as Carlyle points out, we can only sees the actions of one’s thoughts that came out of the feelings and emotions that created those thoughts and beliefs. We will never know what someone is thinking. We will only see it in what they share of those thoughts in words. And even then it is about watching the actions as proof of the truth of one’s words

Sad to say it is what one country is dealing with regarding the person they have elected to lead them.  Often actions speak so loud that one cannot hear what one is saying.

Love and friendship.