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A beautiful picture of an old couple holding hands

The thoughts they had were the parents of the actions they did; their feelings were parents of their thoughts Thomas Carlyle My daughters were raised with these words indelibly imprinted on the back of their eyelids: If you want to know the future create it. And that what Melli and her partner, Matt Dickson, are…

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Mindfulness – A Path from US Marine to Zen Monk

An Asian monk sitting and meditating

From US Marine to Zen Monk from Krzysztof Gonciarz on Vimeo. A gift from Krzysztof Gonciarz & Kasia Mecinski and their Tofu Media Productions. They recently spent some time with an American former Marine, Scott Mangis, who became a Zen monk in Japan. The response to there video echoes a common theme of listening to…

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